How We Make Our Selfie Frames

How We Make Our Selfie Frames

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Our team of experienced designers have the know-how and creativity to create a vast array of different frames. Using industry-leading technology we can bring to life many different ideas.

Not only that, but our team love making custom design requests, it's always interesting to see how we can think outside the box to create the best possible selfie frame for you!


Once our frames are designed, we send them over to the guys in our factory for printing! We have 2 large-format printers, designed especially for jobs like this!

They use vibrant inks to create the amazing colours you'll find on your frame, this ink is then dried by UV lamps; ensuring your selfie frame looks top quality. 

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Once printed, theres only a couple more steps to do before sending out your custom selfie frame! To cut down the product, we use a state-of-the-art cutting table, which uses lasers to make sure the cuts are 100% accurate.

Once cut, we then securely package up your frame with bubble wrap, and corrugated cardboard to make sure it's nice and snug and safe for it's journey to your doorstep.

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